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Swim Tips

Swimsuits only, no nudity (it’s a family event) and no wetsuits (that’s cheating).

Water Temperatures
There is a risk associated with going into Lake Ontario on January 1, 2020. The temperature of the water and the surrounding environment may be extremely cold and Lake Ontario is polluted. You should consult your physician prior to engaging in this event. Individuals who are pregnant, or have poor cardiac functioning, or suffer from a seizure disorder should not participate – just watch. Please see WAIVER FORM.

Do not drink – alcohol does not warm you up – it accelerates hypothermia.
Do not stay in the water longer than 10 minutes. Body heat is lost 25 times faster in water than in air.
Do not remove your clothing until swim time.
We will have members of Clarington Emergency and Fire Services and Durham EMS in attendance to provide emergency service.

Wear Protective Footwear
Wear something on your feet, i.e. old shoes, aqua shoes, etc. It prevents cuts on your feet from the rocks and ice and will stop your feet from sticking to the snow and ice on shore.

Warm Boots
Bring warm/dry boots or shoes to put on once you exit the lake. This is an important point – once your feet get cold, your entire body will want to go on strike. Not pleasant for a long walk back to your vehicle.

Bring Blankets and/or Towel
Bring an old blanket or towel to put down on the icy shoreline to sit down on and change before and after the swim.

If You Wear Glasses
We suggest you obtain an “athletic strap” or something similar to hold them to your face. It is quite difficult to find glasses that have been dropped in the water on a sandy and icy beach, and if you find them, you may not want them after all!

Don’t Forget Your Spotter
Before entering the water, make sure you know where your spotter is. This person will be waiting for you on the shore with your towel and fresh clothing so you can warm up as quickly as possible after the dip.

Good luck and have fun!